Welcome to Blanqo

We rent out stylish skiwear so you can wear the perfect outfit for every trip

The Idea

Ernest Amoako founded Blanqo because he believes that rental provides a better way to access skiwear. Rental avoids the cost and commitment of buying, which means you can wear the perfect outfit for every trip. 

Blanqo offers access to luxury skiwear at a fraction of the purchase price. Since our 2021 launch we’ve helped many holidaymakers look and feel great on the slopes. 

The Collection

We showcase emerging and established luxury skiwear brands that share our commitment to function, style and sustainability. Each item has been handpicked to combine elegant style with high quality materials, designed to perform well on the piste.

The Experience

We offer premier customer service with next day delivery, easy returns and a Customer Care team that is on hand to help make renting as easy as possible. We clean items before each rental using eco-friendly technology, meaning items arrive looking and feeling new every time.

Our Hope

We hope that through rental we can reduce waste in skiwear whilst also making skiing more accessible to a broader range of people.